Hi and thanks for visiting my website where I provide in-person counselling and psychotherapy at The Salisbury Practice in Stockbridge, Hampshire, online and by phone. I also offer supervision to counsellors and psychotherapists.

Due to the current situation and COVID-19 Government advice there will be no new in-person appointments at The Salisbury Practice in Stockbridge, Hampshire.

I am offering all counselling online and will do this for the foreseeable future. Please view the Online Counselling page for more information.

I have reduced my fees for clients who are self-isolating and who are experiencing reduced income.

The fee for online counselling is now £25 per session.

I offer counselling and psychotherapy for adults and young people (11-18).  Short-term (4-10 sessions), medium-term (3-6 months) and more open-ended therapy can be provided that is regularly reviewed and agreed.

What might I expect from counselling and psychotherapy?

The purpose of counselling is to work towards becoming more happy. It is a process of self-reflection and self-change. I offer enquirers an opportunity to develop their self-awareness and knowledge about themselves in order to find new ways of being. In the initial part of the process we explore what it is you want to change and what you want your life to look like once that change happens so you can break out of old patterns. The therapeutic relationship is the key to developing that self-awareness and finding new ways of being.

Do you have any specialisms?

Anxiety, and conditions like SAD (seasonal affective disorder), bipolar, panic attacks and depression are the most common issues for people coming for counselling and so the most common issue therapists work with and specialise in.

I have worked in trauma recovery, more specifically in rape and childhood sexual abuse where I had a placement for training.

Relationships are a specialist area of counselling often focusing on having to make tumultuous decisions around separation, divorce, betrayal, abuse, bullying, affairs and family issues and what they can leave behind such as low self-esteem and confidence. LGBTQ+ issues are a specialist area that require affirmative and positive approaches to developing self-esteem and confidence in relationships and life.

Grief and bereavement can also trigger very intense emotions and require an exploration of the different stages of the grieving process.

Addiction is an area that clients may approach counselling to help work through difficult and destructive periods in life.

Anger is also a common enquiry and requires looking back at the causes in the past as well as finding new ways of being, thinking and doing in overcoming destructive habits and attitudes.

What are your qualifications, professional membership and if you are insured?

I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). It offers the public an assurance that I meet the standards of proficiency and ethical practice you would expect. If you want to check that I am registered you can click here, then enter my name and registration number 376082.

I offer all my clients a commitment that is referred to as the BACP Commitment to Clients. It is the basis of our ethical practice framework. You can view this here.

I obtained my training from Chrysalis Courses and have completed the Advanced Professional Diploma of Psychotherapeutic Counselling and I have been counselling since 2014. I have also received supervised training in a rape and sexual abuse centre in Wiltshire. I update my skills and knowledge by taking additional training during the year and my case work is supervised by a qualified and experienced counsellor who helps with supporting my clients. Any discussions with this counsellor is confidential and I only identify my clients by their first name.

I also have indemnity insurance with Holistic Insurance Services.

Where do you work from?

I work from home via phone and online video but I also work in Stockbridge.

The Salisbury Practice
3 Clarendon Terrace
High Street
SO20 6EY

Google maps can be accessed from my Counselling Directory webpage here. There is free parking close by.

What would be a good plan of action after reading this?

I offer a free consultation up to 50 minutes either online via video or by phone. If you would like to do this just call and have a chat on 01794 278372 and if it feels right you can arrange a day and time for the consultation. Alternatively send me an email at martinhandy@protonmail.com. There is no obligation to book. The consultation helps to see how well-matched our relationship is to achieve your goals.

If you like the initial session then a course of sessions would be recommended to begin with, between 4-10 sessions, in order to establish some benefits.

There is never any obligation to continue therapy. Some clients are very content with between 4-10 sessions or up to 6 months of work. Longer therapy may be offered if circumstances require it.

I provide resources on my website that are aimed at supporting enquirers through their journey with links to support groups and external resources.

For an obligation-free chat on the phone call 01794 278372 or email martinhandy@protonmail.com.

Crisis Support for Mental Health

If you are experiencing crisis please download this fact sheet crisis-_teams which explains what support is available for you. It is published by the Rethink website and provides a great deal of information.

BACP Public Perception Survey of Counselling 2019

The BACP conducted a survey of the public this year about their perceptions of counselling. Their findings are linked here: bacp-public-perception-survey-2019-infographic.

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