Do you currently experience anxiety and low moods? Is your confidence feeling low? Do you feel isolated or feel your life isn’t quite going in the direction you want it to? Do you want to feel more confident in your relationships with other people and most of all get to know yourself better: your thoughts, feelings and behaviour patterns? Do you want to to enjoy life again and enjoy being with yourself and others?

I offer online, phone and in-person counselling at The Salisbury Practice in Stockbridge, Hampshire, for adults and young people (11-18) and supervision for counsellors and psychotherapists.

Due to the current situation and COVID-19 Government advice there will be no new in-person appointments at The Salisbury Practice in Stockbridge, Hampshire.

I offer all counselling online and by phone. 


Martin Handy is a great guy to talk to if you are suffereing from any sort of imbalence in life. I had just 6 sessions with Martin and they made sense of all the noise that was in my head. I was in quite a rough place at the start of the process and by the end my outlook on life was very different. Honestly would highly recommend, no judgement soft and easy guy to talk to.  Mike.

Martin is a totally dedicated professional. He genuinely cares about helping you to solve your problems. He is very astute and pinpoints exactly what the problem is. He then helps you to help yourself through your challenges, which I found invaluable. He made such a positive difference to my life. I thoroughly recommend Martin for counselling.  Gill.

Martin is an excellent counsellor who I’d recommend to anyone for either face-to-face or online counselling. He has a very calm, supportive and thoughtful approach that helps you work through your thoughts and emotions at your own pace and to your own voice. He has been a tremendous help to me over the past year.  Joe.

The Practice of Self-Counselling

The purpose of counselling is to become more happy. It is a process of self-reflection and self-change. It is about getting to grips with the cause of emotional dysregulation and all its ups and downs like anxiety, worrying, anger, depression, embarrassment, abandonment, overwhelm, loneliness and loss.

Most clients who come to counselling want to improve their relationships with other people as well as themselves. They want to resolve their past traumas, build a toolbox to counsel themselves with healthy approaches and regulate difficult feelings and emotions. Having a more positive and forward-thinking attitude to their life and seeing direction and purpose motivates and inspires them.

My Method

I show clients how to be a great self-counsellor. Self-counselling is different from traditional counselling because it is practised with the intention to develop skills of understanding and reflection on current experiences like anxiety, depression, anger, feelings of abandonment, loss and grief. It is a process of getting to know yourself so that you can understand why you feel the way you do so that you can lift yourself out of challenging and overwhelming experiences.

I offer you an opportunity to develop your self-awareness and knowledge about yourself in order to find new ways of being. In the initial part of the process we explore what it is you want to change and what you want your life to look like once that change happens so you can break out of old patterns. The therapeutic relationship is the key to developing that self-awareness and finding new ways of being.

We explore many causes of emotional dysregulation such as projection, dominant elements of personality types (introversion and extroversion, sensate and intuitive, thinking and feeling, judging and perceiving); internal and external criticism; trauma reactions; common complexes; persona and masking; self-defeating behaviours like rumination, repetition compulsion, procrastination and catastrophisation; abuse and consent; causes of addiction and attachment; loss and grief, to name just a few.

Counselling has a structure and method based on your goals and how you want to be.

Where do I work from?

I work from home via phone and online video but I also work in Stockbridge at The Salisbury Practice.

The Salisbury Practice
3 Clarendon Terrace
High Street
SO20 6EY

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Free Consultation

I offer a free consultation up to 50 minutes either online via video or by phone. Contact 01794 278372 for a free consultation.

Crisis Support for Mental Health

If you are experiencing crisis please download this fact sheet crisis-_teams which explains what support is available for you. It is published by the Rethink website and provides a great deal of information.

BACP Public Perception Survey of Counselling 2019

The BACP conducted a survey of the public this year about their perceptions of counselling. Their findings are linked here: bacp-public-perception-survey-2019-infographic.

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