Carl Jung Mandala

Which tasks are you embarking on to start your hero’s journey?

To find a new fulfilling role?

To face a past experience that still echoes down through the passages of time?

To be able to stabilise and control intense emotions?

To be able to communicate and understand your thoughts and feelings?

To better understand yourself and others?

To be more assertive and understood?

To feel happier and find ways of discovering the things that will make you happier?

To really get to know what love is and how to love?

To connect to your inner self from where wisdom and guidance can flow and maintain that healthy state of relating to yourself inside?

To be able to tap into your creative instincts through artistic, service to others and/or business pursuits?

To really get to know who you are and why you are here?

To understand your own complexes that hold you back and sabotage your own goals?

To connect to those positive and constructive habits and gifts you have and how they can be utilised in your own self-development and in serving others?

To be able to have a toolbox of techniques and strategies to maintain and deepen your peace, joy and bliss within and recharge your mind, body and spirit with it on a daily and weekly basis?

To find someone you can trust and feel comfortable with to be able to explore and achieve your important goals?

You might be more closer to achieving your goals than you think…

I provide a personal journey for sincere seekers to achieve their goals, through supportive counselling, psychotherapy, spiritual counselling and direction, online and by phone. I plan to offer in-person sessions again as soon as possible.

I also offer workshops at the Romsey Wisdom Centre in Discovering Your Personal Myth and Life Narrative

My name is Martin and I am a trained and qualified counsellor and psychotherapist and Accredited Member of the National Counselling Society. I am also a tutor at Chrysalis Courses where I tutor on their Diplomas for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

I offer a free online or phone consultation to explore where you are at and what you want to change.

I have been in private practice for more than seven years.



Affordable Counselling

I offer affordable Counselling & Psychotherapy, Spiritual Counselling & Direction. All counselling is offered online or by phone.

Unwaged/Universal Credit: £25 per session

Standard: £35 per session

Discover Your Personal Myth and Life Narrative – Online and In-Person Workshops and Talks

Creative counselling and psychotherapy helps you know yourself at your own pace, in your own time and in your own way. Through writing your life narrative and distilling the through-line of your life experience from birth to your present you can find out where you are going next based on the sum total of every experience from your past. The process is enlightening and soul-full. Art and creative expression helps you engage with your life path. Get to know yourself inside and outside.

I am currently inviting volunteers to participate in an exciting course of Zoom sessions starting in November. The programme is intended to help you begin your Personal Myth and Life Narrative journey. The programme is part of my Level 6 Research Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling. I am seeking a group of keen and sincere seekers who want to know themselves and their life path. The programme contains relaxation, meditation and energisation techniques as well as inspiring talks and psych-education exploration.

Explore your instinctual drives, how you relate to the world and life experiences, finding your purpose and meaning in the world. It explores a relational view of your life introducing themes and aspects around parent-figures, relationships and trauma. Explore how you can get to the bottom of your own self-defeating behaviours and defence mechanisms and begin to free yourself from self-criticism, not feeling good enough or breaking free from toxic relationships and situations. Work towards that liberating relationship with yourself and develop a stronger connection to that guidance from within through relaxation, meditation and energisation techniques.

There are also optional in-between-session tasks like drawing, writing, journaling, painting as well as helpful reading to help you develop deeper insights into your self. There are optional meditation, energisation and relaxation recordings on my website for your use.

If you would like to participate in this programme you will need to have a private consultation to see if this programme is beneficial for you. In some cases 1-1 support may be more appropriate so please take advantage of a free consultation beforehand. There will be occasional interviews, questionnaires and surveys to measure the effectiveness of the programme in your life. I maintain a confidentiality policy. Confidentiality can only be breached if you are at risk of harm from yourself, someone else or if someone is at risk from you. 

As there is no charge for this programme I do ask participants to make a small donation for the costs of running the programme though there is no obligation to do so.

I am an Accredited Member of The National Counselling Society and have supervision with an experienced and qualified psychotherapist for my work. 


Enquire About a Free Consultation

If you are interested in any of the services I offer – counselling, psychotherapy, spiritual counselling & direction – then you are welcome to have a free consultation to explore some more of where you are at and what you wish to achieve. After that there is no obligation to take up formal session-work. I offer counselling via video – Skype, VSee, Zoom – or phone.

You can contact me at martinhandy@protonmail.com or call 01794 278372

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Crisis Support for Mental Health

Unfortunately I cannot provide 24/7 support. If you need support immediately please contact The Samaritans by calling 116 123 or visiting their website at Samaritans.org or going to A&E.

Also you might find this fact sheet crisis-_teams useful which explains what support is available for you. It is published by the Rethink website and provides a great deal of information. I also provide lots of support and links in this website to help for depression in the resources section.

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