Everyone experiences a great deal of turmoil at various stages of their life. Crisis and trauma, relationships, grief, addictions, extreme anxiety, depression and loss are common experiences that do require time for reflection and integration. The aim of counselling is to find wholeness and positive direction, happiness and peace of mind again.

Counselling is an open form of exploration for approximately one hour a week, or fortnight to reach a state of wholeness again. Session work can take anything from a few sessions to a few months. In some cases clients choose to continue therapy due to deeper issues because of extreme trauma in the past.

Counselling explores the past as well as the future and requires honest and deep reflection on how past experiences and relationships have affected living in the present and to find a more balanced life where intense emotions no longer disturb one’s day-to-day experience.

Counselling is a process of deeper understanding for yourself and who you are so you can find a more happy and positive life for you and those around you.

I only offer counselling online and by phone but I do offer a free consultation that gives you an opportunity to talk and find out if counselling can help you.

There is never any obligation to take counselling after the free consultation. I charge £35 per session for counselling.

As a result of booking formal sessions for counselling you agree to this Agreement for Counselling and understand my Ethical Commitment to you.

Please email martinhandy@protonmail.com to enquire.