This page contains many support and information articles, weblinks, relaxation, self-soothing videos and recommended reading for clients receiving counselling and psychotherapy. It is also there for clients and non-clients who are just looking for something to make them feel better. I add to these pages so they just keep growing. I hope they help.

In the Articles section I frequently write about issues that are useful in the counselling and psychotherapy journey. These issues have been important in my own process of counselling and psychotherapy as well as the clients I work with. Their journey that I have been a part of has brought with it a wealth of experience and knowledge that is too precious to keep hidden so I explore those issues and write about them to help others. 

In the following links I have made pockets of resources for your development.

Relaxation Recordings for Self-Awareness are a collection of recordings for relaxation and self-awareness that I recorded specifically for my client group. They are based on person-centred, cognitive, behavioural, emotional and rational models of self-development. Recordings range from 14  to 35 minutes. They can be downloaded from these pages and stored on your computer or mobile devices.

Journalling offers an insight into the powerful and transformative practice so important in the self-development journey.

Inspiring Videos for Reflection, Contemplation and Relaxation are selected from Youtube so you can browse and find things for inspiration when you have time.

Depression and Anxiety Resources provides information, links, websites about the specific condition.

Mindfulness Resources offer a selection of Youtube videos that provide meditations for mindfulness.

Places of Interest offers some resources that provide a space for meditation and contemplation, training and advice.

LGBTQ+ resources contain links to local and national websites that may be useful.

Young People Resources provides important websites and links for young people to use.