LGBTQ+ Resources

The following websites offer local groups and support pages.

Breakout Youth is a Hampshire support group for young LGBTQ+.

Mens Sexual Health is a website with lots of information and links for the wider LGBTQ+ community.

The Space Youth Project is Dorset’s youth project.

Youth in Romsey is a group providing support for youth.

No Limits is a support group for young people based in Southampton.

SUSU LGBT Society is based at Southampton University.

Salisbury LGBT+ group in Wiltshire has a Facebook page here where you can register for updates and information about meeting.

Andover LGBT+ is another group with a Facebook page where you can register.

These websites are national organisations and news outlets in the UK.

LGBT Foundation.

Pink News contains news on LGBTQ+ issues.

Kitsch Mix is a website for gay women.

Gay Times is the magazine web page.

The Gay UK is a magazine.


Meetup provides links to groups in the local area.

The Gay Outdoor Club provides information for local groups.

Pink UK has listings of venues.

Kroma Monthly Coffee Group is a group in Winchester.