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Carl Jung’s Home Bollingen Tower, Lake Zurich

Carl Jung was a world-renown Swiss psychiatrist famous for his work in Analytical Psychology. Many of his ideas were very appropriate for people who were exploring their spiritual awareness and reality.

In a letter to Eugene Rolfe in 1960, seven months before he passed away, Carl Jung wrote:

‘I have failed in my foremost task, to open people’s eyes to the fact that man has a soul and there is a Buried Treasure in the field’.

My work with so many clients in counselling, hypnotherapy and Personal Mythology is an exploration of that field and the discovery of the Soul within. For many it is the Higher Self, the Source, Divinity, the Peace, Wisdom or God. For the best part very few people in this world are looking for such a thing. For many the goal is external, material security.

The Buried Treasure is an experience, the centre of one’s being, the Self. It is in the Self, an Image, the God-Image, if you like. It is not projected, it is real. Once unearthed from the depths of your being, through the biological/human instincts and swamp of earthly life it becomes the way you are and you become the way of it. When we take away the myths of culture and conditioning, trauma and delusion we can navigate the true reality of ourselves.

The key to knowing that Real Self, the Treasure within is inner communion with it through meditation, the trance state. Inner communion, nature and creation, creativity and self-knowledge are the keys to opening the lock of the Buried Treasure within.

Knowing the Self means knowing all parts of the Self – the light and the darkness. The darkness is in our own turmoil within and the turmoil we see outside of ourselves in the world. I must know the dark and the light. Serving others, being socially active and engaged in the world in a self-less and purposeful way is the way to peace within. One must know the instinctual/biological, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of being who we are.

Live the symbolic life…live one’s symbols.

Jung said ‘many cannot progress deeply into the reality of their being because they are directed outside of themselves’. One must go in and work from there to progress towards individuation – the path of real personal growth, creativity, purpose and meaning within the Self and the World.

That is the Buried Treasure within.

Seek It. Know It. Live It.

This is the stuff of Counselling, Hypnotherapy and Personal Mythology.

Enquire within.

Spiritual Counselling and Direction is a process of self-development for developing your spiritual awareness as well as mental, emotional, social and human awareness. Whether you identify with a faith, or even of no particular faith, spiritual counselling supports that deeper aspect of growth and development.  Many clients who have presented for spiritual counselling experience the completely normal flip-flop between spiritual and material life. This can be significantly distressing at times and requires deeper reflection and understanding with someone who has passed through those states themselves and can help you work towards greater stabilisation of emotions and awareness. The initial feelings of flip-flop between the spiritual and physical can give way to greater constancy of experience and consciousness whether you are in directive spiritual practices or living the demands of material life. A state of peace and purpose can be lived through every experience in life – it is a living goal that grows, but requires careful reflection and patience. 

If you would like to have a free consultation to discuss some more of where you are at and what you would like to achieve please contact me. I am an Accredited counsellor with the National Counselling Society and my work is supported by an experienced counsellor and psychotherapist.

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You may also be interested in the Personal Mythology Online Zoom sessions that can also provide opportunities to explore spiritual development and awareness.  

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