The bliss and peace of Divine God Realisation or the Realisation of the True Self is closer than you think. Spiritual Direction shows you that you can have that Bliss in God or Self perception. It is a matter of technique, experience and fervent desire for God. These pages are offered to sincere seekers who simply desire a real and close relationship with God. Techniques, inspiring articles and writings by realised saints and sages are contained in these pages for your contemplation and meditation. God is a real experience for everyone who perceives God but all sincere seekers will perceive God through their own pathway through the living waters of Divine Mother (material creation). It requires the strongest of desire to know God and to invite God into the altar of your heart. It requires daily effort and requires the most courageous willingness to have to face the very nature of the self within with all of its darkest shadows so they can be truly given to God to be healed. Even our shadow offers us the greatest opportunity to see the hand of God within. One cannot experience the light of the soul without experiencing the darkness of the mind and emotions and so spiritual direction is not just a journey into Soul but also Mind and Emotion, Life and Living in the world. Deep and evolving relationship with the God Soul Self requires a knowledge and practice of techniques and approaches:

  • Energisation techniques
  • Introspection and self-exploration approaches like journaling
  • Relaxation practices and right-breathing technique
  • Meditation techniques
  • Devotional singing
  • Group meditation
  • Expressing spiritual, mental and emotional material through writing, art, poetry, dance, drama, music, singing
  • Maintaining a healthy body and mind
  • Eating well
  • Drinking lots of water
  • Avoiding unhealthy foods and over-eating
  • Strong will-power development
  • Willingness to serve others freely
  • The development and practice of prayer
  • A realisation that the environment and its resources are all sacred and cannot be exploited for greed and thus harmed
  • Regular reading and immersion in the writings of God-realised saints and sages
  • The desire and willingness to find a God-realised being in body or spirit to guide the process of God relationship
  • The willingness to persevere with all these practices and approaches even when external circumstances challenge, test and cause immense pain, either mentally, emotionally or even physically.

The relationship with Spiritual Direction is a symbol and external form of the deep and whole relationship you already have with God or the God Self Soul within. The external relationship of Spiritual Direction is only a reflection of the one you already have with God. The purpose of Spiritual Direction is to help sincere souls find and deepen that identity with God or the God Self Soul and find their natural Bliss Nature and know how to connect and cultivate it within because this material world alone, as perceived by the five senses, cannot give you this everlasting and ever-new Bliss that is God. The physical world may appear to inspire and initiate the process of Bliss God perception but it is not the direct source of God Bliss. Nature as is found in our physical environment is only the medium through which God touches us and the medium through which we seek God and experience that God Self Soul. Bliss is God’s nature and Bliss is our nature – God and Us are One and the Same so Bliss is our natural state of being beyond all forms, beyond all race, gender, religion, ability, intellect, political ideology, wealth, sexuality, language or any other label of physical or mental trait or characteristic. Bliss is our nature and is the essence of the journey we find ourselves in and so we move ever closer, ever together in the unity of that One Ocean of God Consciousness, God Bliss, God Peace.

The Differences Between Counselling and Spiritual Direction

The source of mental overwhelm, confusion and emotional dysregulation may be identified in both approaches: counselling and spiritual direction. It may be past experiences, trauma, relationships, loss and bereavement, divorce or separation, addiction and attachment, anxiety and depression, quarter life review (adolescence to adulthood), mid-life review (usually around late 30s to 40s), or three quarter life review (retirement), to name a few. The exploration of these may form the substance of counselling, but in spiritual direction they may be a catalyst for a spiritual awakening.

In counselling a deeper analysis of past events, emotional experiences, presenting issues and mental beliefs can be ‘counselled’, rationalised, reviewed and reintegrated with mental health strategies, changes to lifestyle and adjustments in relationships.

In spiritual direction a spiritual technique is applied, such as prayer, concentration technique, meditation or an affirmation so you can connect to the ‘counsellor’ within: the Soul, the God-Self, Higher Self, the True Self, the I Am. In connecting to the Self-Counsellor within comes the deepest insight to guide one in life and approach to self. The difference is that you experience an ‘inner’ counselling rather than an ‘outer’ counselling. In traditional or conventional counselling the role of the counsellor is one of reflector – reflecting back what you are saying as well as offering what we term ‘psyche-education’ in the process, i.e. what might be happening in the mind on a conscious and sub-conscious level such as projection, denial, rumination, catastrophisation or procrastination. In spiritual direction the role of the spiritual director is to facilitate a technique for you to practice in order to still the turbulence of the sub-conscious mind so that you can rest, energise and be guided from within by the super-conscious – the Soul, God, I Am. In the process the spiritual director may offer some insights into what may be happening from the sub-conscious, conscious and super-conscious levels, but ultimately the inspiration comes from a Higher level. There may be static, interference or disturbance from the lower levels (subconscious or conscious desires and fears), but they can be overcome with the application of persistent and determined practices and techniques to retune to the higher frequencies and facility of the super-conscious Self that includes and spiritualises the lower components.

Where counselling often works in one hour sessions every week because it is driven by a mental faculty, spiritual direction is offered in 30-40 minute sessions every 3-4 weeks and then practice tasks to be conducted between sessions, then followed up for exploration in the following session. This is because spiritual direction is experiential in its nature, not intellectual or mental. It is for a seeker who wants to experience their whole being, their whole self including their spiritual nature. Spirit, Soul, God is beyond mind, intellect and dogma. It is existence, consciousness, bliss. It is inner, whereas counselling is an outer activity and therefore has more limitations. An inner approach like spiritual direction is limitless because it expands as it explores from self to Self, separate to Oneness. In fact the spiritual director may be instrumental in the process but ultimately only part of the Self (the whole) that you ultimately merge in. This is sometimes referred to as Self-Realisation or God-Realisation.

Email, Phone or Online Exploration

You can contact me by email if you would like to explore your journey to God Realisation or have any questions.

I offer this service in good will for people who are starting or deepening their relationship with God or the God Self and therefore make no formal charge for this service.

As a result of making bookings for Spiritual Direction with me you agree to this Agreement for Spiritual Direction and understand my Ethical Commitment to you.

I hope much support can be found in these pages for you and give you ideas for developing your practice. I hope these pages inspire people to find true unconditional connection to a self-realised Master of their choice. In my own path I prayed deeply for someone to show me God who knew God and subsequently I met my Guru nine months later. This could also happen to you. Ask and you shall receive, knock and the door shall open.  

Crisis Support for Mental Health

Unfortunately I cannot provide 24/7 crisis counselling. If you are experiencing a crisis and need support immediately please contact The Samaritans by calling 116 123 or visiting their website at Also you might find this fact sheet crisis-_teams useful which explains what support is available for you. It is published by the Rethink website and provides a great deal of information. I also provide lots of support and links in this website to issues like depression in the resources section.


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