I offer supervision to counsellors and psychotherapists, in person and online, who want to support their clients. I offer a positive and supportive service that aims to increase your confidence and ability as a therapist building on the foundations you have established in the principles and areas of expertise and specialisms you have chosen.

When looking for a supervisor it is so important to get it right from the start and I know from experience how daunting and frustrating it is. I am blessed with a very experienced and knowledgeable supervisor with a positive and encouraging approach, helping with advice and suggestions when necessary.

If you are interested in further discussions then please contact me by phone to discuss your needs and then if the match feels good move to an online session that is free and lasts approximately 50 minutes. After this I suggest an in-person meeting in Stockbridge as this establishes a deeper rapport and connection. Online is adequate for developing a working relationship and support, although I do recommend an in-person session occasionally.

Supervision is offered online at £40 for 75 minutes and £45 for 90 minutes depending on caseload. I also offer in-person sessions at £55 for 75 minutes and £60 for 90 minutes. I can offer concession rates for student counsellors but only for the online rates.

Call 01794 278372 for an informal conversation to see if support would be beneficial for you and your clients.