Introductory Workshop to Your Personal Myth

Wisdom Centre, Romsey, Hampshire

Saturday 14th August 2021


Your Personal Myth is your life narrative. It is a hero’s tale of tests, challenges, achievements, dreams, goals and aspirations. It is an exploration of how events, experiences and relationships have made you who you are. From the analysis you can draw out your personal life values and codes. You can identify your personal drives and instincts, how they have shaped your life and how they may have been suppressed consciously or unconsciously.

Relationship analysis shows how you have shaped and been shaped by your internal relating function formed from childhood and upbringing as well as peer experiences around coming of age. Rites of passage at specific parts of your life show you how you mature from child to adolescent to young adult, adult to mature adult, old age to end-of-life stages.

Your growth is biological, psychological, social and spiritual. You are influenced by your biology, psychology, social interactions and spiritual awareness.

This introductory day in Romsey is intended to introduce you to the basic unfoldment of life-span development and how to distil from this process your Personal Myth. It brings deeper awareness of who you are, what you are here to do and how to develop your future goals and personal development.

Talks, art, meditation, prayer, mythical stories, affirmations and group sharing characterise your day of self-unfoldment.