Counselling is a very client-led approach to help you address the personal issues you are dealing with in your life.

The first part of the process is the free consultation that takes place online or via phone. At this stage you are just introducing your presenting issues to me so we can find out if we can work together creatively and constructively. By exploring some of the issue and goals you want to achieve we will discover if the therapeutic relationship will click for us. Also, you will get a vibe for my style and approach as I work with you to explore some of those themes and issues you are currently experiencing. I help you deepen your exploration of the issues so you can reveal insights and practical ways forward to help you address your goals. There may also be psych-education themes and issues that you may find useful to help understand what may be causing your symptoms and issues.

When you call me for your free consultation just be yourself and feel comfortable to talk about what you are experiencing. It will feel different to begin with because you are not used to talking about your personal issues with someone you have not met before but everything is held in complete confidentiality until you decide to proceed with some formal sessions. At this point you will already know that I have supervision with a very experienced and qualified senior counsellor who supports me to support you. All your personal contact details and name are not disclosed and I only discuss elements of the process that will help me improve my service for you.

When you have decided to proceed to formal counselling you will have an arranged in-person or online session that is paid for in advance. At this session there will be a more formal but relaxed process of exploring goals and underlying issues that will give me more information to see what is happening for you so we can find solutions and practical ideas to help you achieve those goals. After this session you can still decide whether this is for you but if you like the process and find it useful you will complete the Contract and Consultation Form and so move to working to a set number of sessions to begin with. This is usually 4-6 sessions depending on the issues involved but for more therapeutic work where past issues or long-term issues are involved that could push therapy out to a bit longer, maybe 10-15 sessions.

Enquire About a Free Consultation

If you are interested in counselling then you are welcome to have a free consultation to explore some more of where you are at and what you wish to achieve. After that there is no obligation to take up formal session-work. I offer counselling via video – Skype, VSee, Zoom, Whatsapp – or phone.

I am an Accredited Member of The National Counselling Society and have supervision with an experienced and qualified psychotherapist for my work.

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