Energisation Techniques

The life force energy we need doesn’t just come to us from the sources of food, light and oxygen. It also comes directly from the very space around us and within us. I started using techniques that draw on the life force since 1999 when I lived in Sri Lanka. It is a very subtle energy, deeply sustaining and revitalising when the techniques are learned and practised well.

I developed the three energisation techniques below from a variety of sources including Reiki, Quantum Healing, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Yoga training.

The Medulla Oblongata

The medulla oblongata is the lowest part of the brain stem. It controls the heart and respiratory centres. Advanced yogis have the ability to suspend the action of the heart and breath while they enter deep states of meditation. It is in these states of being their bodies can re-energise and rest fully. The cells of the medulla oblongata are the first cells to be created at conception in the womb. Externally it is located where the skull sits at the top of the neck. If you place a finger there you will feel a small bone protrude. This is also called the Mouth of God – the point at which God breathes life into the human being. This is the point where life force energy enters the body and the focus of these energisation exercises.

Life Force Energy

Life force energy goes by many names in many cultures – in India it is called Prana. In China it is called Chi. In Japan, Ki. In Greece, Pneuma. In Latin, Spiritus. In Christianity, Holy Spirit. The Native Indian people, the Lakota, call it Ni. The Navajo call it Nilch’i. In Egypt it is called Sekhem. In Hebrew it is called Ruach. Western scientists may refer to it as bio-energy which can be detected using scanning instruments.

Life force energy flows through the body via meridians and energy centres. The brain and spine are the main systems through which the energy flows. It is also strong at seven main points known as the chakras and hundreds of smaller points called nadis. Through the chakras and nadis the life force energy is dispersed to the whole body keeping it energised and healthy.

There are three ways of perceiving the life force energy as it flows into the body:

  1. Light – for people who are visual you can visualise the energy as coloured light.
  2. Sound – for people who are auditory you can sense the energy as a subtle buzz or hum as it enters the body and moves around.
  3. Vibration – for people who are more kinesthetic you can sense the energy as a vibration as it enters. It might feel like tingling or electricity as it enters the body. It can be more strongly perceived at the head, hands and feet centres.

The Brain as Battery

When the energisation exercises are done properly the brain stores the energy that is breathed in through the medulla oblongata. It is the brain that stores energy so it can be used later, a bit like how the energy from food is stored in the fatty layers around the body. When the brain battery is sufficiently energised the energy can be consciously moved to parts of the body in need of rest and healing.

The three following exercises focus on the spine and energy centre at the base of the medulla oblongata at the top of the spine at the point where the skull meets the spine. Just touch that point and you will feel a bone protrude. Massage this gently first of all and generate some warmth then follow the guidance below:

The following exercises are also available as an audiofile for your convenience. Alternatively find the written guided exercises below. Enjoy.


Exercise One: Cultivating Life Force in the Brain


  1. Sit up straight, spine erect and head facing forwards. The body needs to feel as relaxed as possible. Hands on lap, palms up or held in prayer position, palms together.
  2. Gently breathe in life force energy through the point at the back of the brain as light, sound or vibration and sense it being cultivated and harnessed within the brain. As you breathe in feel the energy flow inside and as you exhale feel the energy expand in the brain. If you sense it as light sense the light becoming more dense and stronger. If you sense the energy as sound feel the hum or buzz intensify. If you sense the energy as vibration sense a building-up of electricity or tingling sensation.
  3. Continue this breathing in and expansion of energy in the brain for about 7 inhalations and then rest. 7 inhalations count as one cycle.
  4. Be aware of your limitations and only continue if you feel you are ready to. If you are new to this only do one cycle in one sitting for at least 3-4 weeks if you are doing this daily, once in the morning and once in the evening. More experienced practitioners who are used to life force energy work – yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, healers and energy workers can increase the cycles as they feel ready to.

Exercise Two – Spinal Energisation


  1. Sit with hands together as this centres the mind and calms the body – close eyes – breathe slowly and deeply with full concentration on the breath. Let all other thoughts, worries and anxieties go.
  2. Concentrate at the medulla oblongata at the back of the head.
  3. Imagine your spine is like a pipe from the top of the head down to the base of the spine.
  4. Inhale through the nose and feel cool light energy like water flow in through the medulla at the back of the head and gather inside the head. Continue to do this a few times until you can feel your head fill with light energy. It will feel cool and calming.
  5. On the next in-breath feel the head fill with energy and on the exhale feel the energy flow from the head centre down the inside of the spinal cord slowly descending, feeling warm and light right down to the base of the spine.
  6. On the in-breath bring the cool energy up the spine again up to the medulla and then arch through the brain into the point between the eyebrows.
  7. On the exhale return the flow from the point between the eye-brows back down through the medulla point at the back of the head and down the spine allowing the exhale to fully empty the lungs until you get to the bottom of the spine.
  8. Then bring the life force energy back up the spine and then rest at the point between the eye-brows. This counts as one cycle.
  9. Repeat 7 cycles and rest. Always complete the cycle at the point between the eye-brows. Do no more than this number while you are beginning so you can let the body and mind get used to the energy.
  10. Just rest in the energisation of the body and mind until you feel the process is complete.
  11. Thank the energy that has just revitalised you and gradually bring yourself back to the conscious state by opening your eyes and just become aware of your surroundings again.
  12. Drink lots of water and rest in the peace and calmness of energisation.

Exercise Three: Healing the Body and Mind


  1. Complete the first two exercises
  2. Concentrating within the brain sense the cultivation of life force energy and on the exhale consciously direct the life force energy down the spine and out into a body part that is in need of healing – aches, pains, discomfort, disease or disorders.
  3. Inhale and bring your awareness up the spine again into the brain battery and exhale the life force energy back down the spine into the affected body part again.
  4. Repeat this process 7 times and then rest
  5. Repeat the process again if you feel internally guided to.
  6. As the energy is cultivated in this body part sense the energy bathing the cells of this part of the body in light and healing energy.
  7. At the same time affirm anything in your mind with an affirmation like ‘I consciously direct life force energy for the healing and health of my body’ or ‘The light is in me and I am in the light’.
  8. For mental issues like negative self-perceptions or negative patterns of thinking, cultivate the light inside the brain, washing away negative thinking and emotionally intense experiences like anxiety or depression, anger or resentment, affirming in the mind, ‘My thoughts and feelings are cleansed and energised in the light, sound and vibration’.
  9. Rest in the moment and cultivate peace and contentment, gratitude and love for self, others and the world.