Coaching & Mentoring

I originally trained as a counsellor but realised the counselling approach was too limited in terms of the needs of my client group. This was when I began taking more training in coaching and mentoring skills. Coaching is goal-driven and provides structured step-by-step support to help you achieve that goal. Many of the issues that clients find is in motivation, anxiety, doubt, self-criticism and procrastination. Counselling would focus a lot on the past and why that is happening whereas coaching and mentoring looks at the present issue, sets very specific and time-related goals related to how you want to modify your life –

  • being more motivated by identifying the purpose, meaning and specific goals
  • being more confident and sure in your direction and purpose
  • seeing your strengths and gifts as instrumental in how to reach your goal
  • developing your weaknesses with practice, use of techniques and strategies, support and expertise

Coaching and mentoring can also help with practical applications of techniques to overcome anxiety and low moods, even depression because the focus is on a project or change in life direction and maintaining motivation and focus on that. Communication issues are an important part of coaching and being able to communicate your thoughts and feelings in the Coach-Client relationship and then transferred to all your relationships. Feeling more confident and aware of what you are thinking, why and how, helps you express yourself and know yourself better.

Examples of case studies in Life Crisis Coaching include:

  • Moving through divorce or separation
  • Making a decision on a first career or a change of career later in life
  • Developing confidence
  • Learning to know yourself better so you can communicate more accurately and with more confidence
  • Being able to speak in front of large groups of people
  • Life can become imbalanced and work or personal life can become over-emphasised instead of a happier medium. Coaching and Mentoring can help with that process of finding greater balance
  • Finding new ways of expressing yourself and finding experiences that make you happy – interests, sports, hobbies, pastimes, the arts, music, drama, rediscovering interests and passions when you were younger and have repressed since then can marl a huge transition and find a deeper sense of self
  • Exploring persona and the image we hold of ourselves in order to develop a stronger and deeper sense of self
  • Overcoming one or more traumatic events like loss and losing a sense of direction or purpose in life
  • Working through the process of redundancy and needing more direction through that
  • Experiencing a crisis in family/parenting at home and needing support to address those thoughts, feelings and challenging experiences
  • Retirement can be a stressful period and creates a new host of fears, anxieties, even resentments. Coaching and Mentoring can work towards moving through these fears and rediscovering opportunities to grow and find deeper and more meaningful happiness
  • Crises at work such as restructuring, overload, stress, bullying and needing to navigate through it
  • Experiencing an overwhelming sense of emotions like anger and stress while at home or work and finding ways of managing those feelings while working towards a clear goal or plan
  • Living your life while carrying around so many resentments is soul-destroying and so exploring resentment and developing greater positivity, using past trauma to make you stronger is a liberating and freeing process that changes the way you see life and engage with it
  • Deciding to work towards being more healthy – diet, lifestyle, exercise, relaxation, energisation practices, creating good habits and patterns – creates and better and happier you
  • Working through a process of spiritual development and making sense of one’s place and experience with a deeper connection to who we are and what we are here to do

Coaching and Mentoring is an empowering process of Goal Realisation, regardless of the context or content of the work you can do. Past client testimonials can be viewed here.

I offer Coaching and Mentoring online and by phone and offer a free consultation that gives you an opportunity to talk and find out how Coaching and Mentoring can help you.

There is never any obligation after the free consultation.

I have a sliding scale of fees:

Unwaged: £20 per session

Low income and Furloughed: £25 per session

Middle-Higher income: £30 per session or 10 sessions paid in advance for £270

As a result of booking formal sessions for coaching and mentoring you agree to this Agreement for Coaching Mentoring and understand my Ethical Commitment to you.

Please email to enquire.