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Discover Your Personal Myth and Life Narrative – Online and In-Person Workshops and Talks

We all live a Personal Mythology that evolves over the length of our life-span. It is the sum total of every experience we have had and explores the way we think, feel, act and believe. Personal Mythology is a creative process of writing and art depending on your preference reflecting on the past, present and future. The workshops and talks introduce you to the substance of the process and the creative methods in order to heal past traumas, unhelpful patterns and build on new more constructive and peaceful ways of relating to yourself, others and the world.

The 7 Emotional Systems or Human Instinctual Drives

What are the Benefits of Exploring Your Personal Mythology?

Writing and engaging with the process of Personal Mythology has a wide range of benefits. Those benefits may include, some, most or even all of the following depending on the depth and length of engagement with the process:

Mental and Emotional: Increase feelings of joy and happiness, purpose and meaning in your life by reduction in anxiety and stress. Reduce feelings of hopelessness and negativity.

Increase sense of achievement by building on your strengths from the past and those needs/drives you may have neglected over the years.

Increase your awareness of self in relationships – friendships, intimate relationships, work relationships and social interaction.

Become more aware of your own self-defeating (self-sabotaging) behaviours, habits and attachments in order to understand them and let them go, replacing them with more positive and constructive patterns of thinking and behaviour.

Understand your own background, childhood and upbringing in order to celebrate those opportunities and move on from negative past experiences and establish those areas that were neglected into areas of growth, development and achievement.

Manage your time better and the amount of time you spend on your priorities and needs.

Just feel better about who you are, your relationships and what you’re here to do and that your future is actually brighter then you may have previously thought.

You can find more information about your Personal Myth here.

This one day retreat introduces the Personal Myth journey and how to go about developing your own life narrative, autobiography and memoir. It initiates the writing and art work depending on your preferred method of expression.

It focuses on your significant social stages of life, early patterns of confirmation from childhood and adolescence, the biological instincts that direct your process of life unfoldment, how to overcome the inferiority complex and unconscious patterns of distress and projection.

Groups are kept small to allow for discussion and questions.

You need to contact the host for an initial consultation to make sure this course is for you. In some cases in-person retreats are recommended.

£45 for the day.

Please email your enquiry to or call 01794 278372.