This page contains many support and information articles, weblinks, relaxation, self-soothing videos and reading.

Here are some recent additions to the resources section:

These Energisation Exercises are useful for maintaining a healthy mind, body and spirit especially when moving through a process of inner unfoldment and self-awareness.

The Eye Movement Calmer was also developed for calming the mind from challenging thought loops and intense emotions.

The resources below also give you lots of ideas for developing your own relaxation practices and bring insight and healing for mental and emotional peace and understanding.

Relaxation Recordings for Self-Awareness are a collection of recordings for relaxation and self-awareness that I recorded specifically for my client group. They are based on person-centred, cognitive, behavioural, emotional and rational models of self-development. Recordings range from 14  to 35 minutes. They can be downloaded from these pages and stored on your computer or mobile devices.

Energisation Techniques offer some easy to use exercises to help with anyone who needs to find that quicl exercise to boost their energy levels. Symptoms of depression and anxiety are mentally and emotionally exhausting and so these exercises help to replenish those levels.

Power affirmations are a great tool to help with negative thinking and deep-seated self-defeating behaviours. This easy exercise gives people the tool to overwrite old beliefs and behaviours with new positive and life-enhancing ways of being and doing.

Journalling offers an insight into the powerful and transformative practice so important in the self-development journey.

Inspiring Videos for Reflection, Contemplation and Relaxation are selected from Youtube so you can browse and find things for inspiration when you have time.

Depression and Anxiety Resources provides information, links, websites about the specific condition.

Mindfulness Resources offer a selection of Youtube videos that provide meditations for mindfulness.