Relaxation Recordings for Self-Awareness

Clients have access to all these free recordings. To listen to the recordings just click the links below. To download the recordings:

  1. Click on the title links below
  2. A page will open with the audio bar. Just press the download button which points down
  3. They will download to your browser at the bottom on the left hand side
  4. When they have finished downloading you can right-click on the file and then save to your computer, laptop or device

In the first section below there are a collection of 12-15 minute relaxation exercises. These are ideal for the beginner. They are written and produced for people working through issues like depression, grief, anxiety and trauma. Always consult with me when working with the exercises in order to find the right one for you and how to work with the cognitive, emotional and behaviour processes we have explored in session.

Yoga Nidra Body Relaxation (for lying down) is ideal for body mindfulness development. It is a relaxing and soothing guided relaxation that focuses on different parts of the body, breathing and uses imagery to calm the busy mind.

Abdominal Breathing and Body Relaxation (sitting or lying down) provides a solid practice of breathing technique to still the busy mind and focuses on different parts of the body to help muscles de-tense, soften and help you relax more deeply.

Kinaesthetic De-Stress Exercise (sitting or lying down) uses a variety of techniques to calm a very active mind. It is ideal for people who find meditation practices difficult because the mind and emotions are very challenging. The techniques used include the breath, self-soothing touch, eye movement, acupressure and sound therapy, creating a feeling of self-acceptance and self-compassion.

Staircase (sitting or lying down) Guided Relaxation uses creative visualisation to descend a staircase into relaxation and peace of mind. It is good for anxiety and a very busy mind and helps you attain a state of peace and calm.

Evening Calm (sitting or lying down) helps you unwind at the end of the day, relaxing with acceptance, mindfulness, moving from active mind to resting mind, preparing the mind and body for rest and sleep.

Physical Healing, Abdominal Breathing and Tower of Light (sitting or lying down). Using the relaxation techniques of inner healing, light awareness, breathing and protection, this guided exercise promotes re-energising and protection after a busy and demanding day. It can also help you prepare for the day with a morning refresher and preparation for going out into the world.

Open Eye Relaxation and Air Flow (sitting or lying down) is ideal for people who find it difficult to focus and relax when your eyes are closed. Open eye relaxation can also help one to prepare for a deeper inner state of relaxation with eyes closed. Also helpful for people with a busy mind who are trying to relax.

Extended Relaxation and Self-Awareness Working

In this section below, there are extended relaxation exercises that work more specifically and in-depth on the cognitive, emotional and behavioural processes explored in session. These are recommended as part of the therapeutic process. Download them in the same way as above.

Still Lake Guided Relaxation for Self-Awareness (sitting or lying down) is a cognitive guided relaxation exercise to help people pull up the weeds and thorns of negative thinking, self-defeating thoughts and behaviours, moving through old habits and patterns. It promotes new thinking, new ways of seeing and doing by planting new seeds, flowers and trees on the island of the unconscious mind in the lake of consciousness. Powerful guided relaxation to support people working through old patterns and habits. It s also good for people working through Shadow Work in counselling who are very clear about the habits and behaviours they wish to change.

Mountain Guided Relaxation for Self Awareness (sitting or lying down) moves the cognitive onto another level by focussing more on letting go of the past as you ascend the mountain and then focus on the new needs and journey for the present and future. The 7 white stones represent the things you want to create, build and develop in your life and not be held back by old negative and self-defeating thinking and behaviour. It is very useful for people establishing new habits and behaviours.

The Walled Garden (sitting or lying down) works well for people who are living with their brain bruise of grief, trauma, painful memories and heartache. It promotes healing of the brain bruise of self-defeating thoughts and behaviours as well as those things that knocked you for six and you’re getting yourself back again. It allows you to validate the need for nurturing and healing and the time to do that in a safe and peaceful place.

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