When I work with my supervisor I feel supported and nourished with ideas and strategies to help my clients. We explore counselling and hypnotherapy techniques as well as ideas and techniques to get the most out of my session work. I feel I can develop and grow my skills base and learn from my supervisor. I love using story and analogy, metaphor and imagery in deeper work to help my clients understand themselves and how they can change. I don’t feel judged or criticised by my supervisor but feel I can be challenged to meet the needs of my clients who are the heart of supervision.

Do you want a supervisor who is really passionate about their job who just wants people to find happiness and peace in their lives?

Do you want to feel you can talk to your supervisor about anything?

Do you want to talk about things that really matter to you?

Do you want a friendly and comfortable environment to grow as a therapist?

I offer personalised supervision for counsellors and hypnotherapists in practice.

I also provide a resource page for therapists.

My practice is based on a reflective approach to build on your current skills and knowledge in order to meet the needs of your own clients. I follow the Seven Eyed Model of Supervision (Hawkins & Shohet, 2003). The approach is multi-dimensional exploring the different modes of supervision such as the therapist strategies and interventions, the relationship between the therapist and the client and the wider contexts of therapy such as the organisations or private practice environments you work in, policy, practice, planning, personalising approach, safeguarding, ethics, dilemmas, constraints and limitations, to name a few.

My personal background and approaches are pluralistic (person-centred, CBT, social adaptation, biological and psychodynamic) with specialist interest in trauma, depth psychology, personality type, modality, neuropsychotherapy and the biopsychosocial model. My hypnotherapy work is based on story, imagination, imagery, metaphor, analogy, Ericksonian approach, active imagination, deep suggestion and solution-focused brief interventions as well as blended approaches with counselling.

I have worked with a range of issues including trauma recovery, depression, anxiety, stress, relationships, spiritual issues, sexuality, gender, addictions, phobias, compulsive behaviours and anger to name just a few.

My supervisory skills and approach is informed from my own current practice as a tutor on Level 3-5 Diplomas at Chrysalis Courses. My Level 6 research diploma has also helped me develop deeper reflective practices in meeting the needs of complex clients in counselling and hypnotherapy. I also draw on my coaching and mentoring roles in education over the past 25 years personalising development, reflection and CPD for practitioners.

My focus is on helping counsellors and hypnotherapists develop their own skills of analysis and reflection as well as building their skills and tools with ideas, strategies and approaches from my own practice and toolbox.

I offer a free consultation to see if our match feels right for you. Please contact me to book a free appointment.

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