Martin Handy is a great guy to talk to if you are suffering from any sort of imbalance in life. I had just 6 sessions with Martin and they made sense of all the noise that was in my head. I was in quite a rough place at the start of the process and by the end my outlook on life was very different. Honestly would highly recommend, no judgement soft and easy guy to talk to.  Mike.

Martin is a totally dedicated professional. He genuinely cares about helping you to solve your problems. He is very astute and pinpoints exactly what the problem is. He then helps you to help yourself through your challenges, which I found invaluable. He made such a positive difference to my life. I thoroughly recommend Martin.  Gill.

Martin has a very calm, supportive and thoughtful approach that helps you work through your thoughts and emotions at your own pace and to your own voice. He has been a tremendous help to me over the past year.  Joe.

I had got myself into a emotional pickle and needed help in understanding the mess and finding a way out. I find it hard to discuss feelings and emotions and when I tried to unravel things for myself I would feel clumsy and inarticulate and frustrated at my inability to make any progress. I decided to try counselling even though I felt apprehensive and unsure about it.From the start, the very first phone call, Martin put me at ease. He was very empathetic on the phone and was able to give me quite a few pointers to help me there and then. With his guidance on the subsequent sessions I was able to make rapid progress unravelling the tangle I’d caused myself and start to build a happier life. Martin brings out the best in people – I never thought it possible to get to the bottom of personal problems, but very soon found myself thinking clearly and able to describe my emotions, motives and thoughts – the cloud of frustration lifted. Martin’s style is one of engagement. He gives a lot in the sessions to stimulate the thought process and give you the tools you need to be a self-counsellor between sessions and life in general. I looked forward to my meetings with Martin since I could talk openly without feeling awkward – such an environment meant each session yielded tangible gains and gave me the steer I needed to self-counsel during everyday life. Nick.