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One Day Online Zoom Retreat – Discover Your Personal Myth

Saturday 27th August 2022


This one day retreat introduces the Personal Myth journey and how to go about developing your own life narrative, autobiography and memoir. It initiates the writing and art work depending on your preferred method of expression.

It focuses on your significant social stages of life, early patterns of confirmation from childhood and adolescence, the biological instincts that direct your process of life unfoldment, how to overcome the inferiority complex and unconscious patterns of distress and projection.

Groups are kept small to allow for discussion and questions.

You need to contact the host for an initial consultation to make sure this course is for you. In some cases in-person retreats are recommended.

£45 for the day.

Introductory Workshop to Your Personal Myth – Workshop

Wisdom Centre, Romsey, Hampshire

Saturday 29th October 2022


This workshop explores your Personal Mythology in its spiritual journey.

We explore the barriers to spiritual relationship by exploring what the personal unconscious and the persona is as understood by Carl Jung and how introspection, social adaptation and understanding the instincts help us know who God is and His plan for us.

Through activities such as creative writing, drawing, painting, time-lining, journaling, reflective activities, sharing life experience, affirmations, prayer and meditation you will get to Know Thyself more deeply in your relationship with self, others, the world and the Presence of the Holy Mystery.

Participants can walk, read, sit or engage in art activities in the afternoon.

Feel free to enquire for more information and book at the Wisdom Centre.